Vaigai Flora Botanical Garden (VFBG) Regional Repository of Bio-Resources, is a 45 Acres of manmade forest cum 15 acres of nursery located 38 kms from Madurai. It consists of a 45 acre manmade forest with infrastructure for Herbarium, Seed and Raw Drug (HSRD) museum, an interpretation centre on panchama bootha and planets, established in 1996 as Medicinal Plants Conservation Park (MPCP). It is being revived now with the objective of conserving indigenous species of the region and educating the same to various stakeholders (such as traditional healers including ethno-vetnerians, indigenous medicinal plant gathering and cultivating communities, scientific communities from Botany, Pharmacy and Medicine). 


VFBG shall meet the following objectives:

1.     Conserving the regional (semi-arid) flora of dry-deciduous species from Ramnad plains, one among the seven agro-climatic regions of Tamilnadu, which is part of Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai and Virudhunagar districts, which are all systematically and scientifically collected from five different accessions in the neighbouring reserve forests (Sathuragiri Mahalingam Hills in Watrap, Shenbagathopu in Srivilliputhur and Ayyanar Falls in Rajapalayam)

2.     Educating students, botanist, medical practioners and medicinal plant resource based livelihood dependent communities such as healers, gatherers, farmers and artisans on the medicinal value of the species

3.     Sapling bank for the medicinal species which farmers or villagers can use for commercial production as well as households can utilize for their primary health care needs

4.     Training center for an aspiring young generation from traditional healers, medicinal plant gatherers and cultivators plus health conscious community who can learn both theory and practice by experts from agriculture, horticulture, forestry and botany fields.

An association of different user communities both primarily meant for livelihood dependent healers, gatherers and cultivators as well as the secondary users of medical practioners, both traditional and modern pharmacist, quality control persons from different Indian System of medicine, manufacturers and very specifically the teaching communities of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and botany, will be formed to regularly refresh and update their subject, knowledge and practices in regular intervals